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New Jewish Thought is a group of British Jews from across the communal spectrum, who have come together to pursue the following vision:

  • New Jewish Thought seeks to foster dialogue and respectful connection between Jews with different opinions, from different streams of Jewishness, from different backgrounds.
  • New Jewish Thought seeks to highlight issues that are not extensively discussed within the Jewish community.

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New Jewish Thought Policy Paper 2:
An Experiment in Dialogue
Keith Kahn-Harris


A report on an attempt to develop constructive dialogue on Israel within the British Jewish community. Click here to read the policy paper.


New Jewish Thought Policy Paper 1:
Shalom @ Shul
Jonathan Hoffman
Rabbi David Soetendorp

Professor Ruth Soetendorp


A challening call to improve the status of rabbis in the British Jewish community. Click here to read the policy paper. It is also available as a downloadable PDF by clicking here.


A close look at Jewish organisational culture

Elana Sztokman

In a hard hitting ppiece Elana Sztokman critiques the organisational culture of Jewish communal organisations.....read more



What is a Jewish space?

Dani Kranz

Anthropologist Dani Kranz reflects on her ongoing reseaech on Jewish spaces in London....read more



Review of The Art of Dialogue in Jewish Philosophy by Aaron W. Hughes

Daniel Jonas


....> View article

An ordinary virtue

In 2008 we will be running a Jewish-Jewish dialogue group focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are looking for people to join this group. Click here to learn more.


The problem with dialogue


What are the problems involved in developing dialogue between Jews? How can we build a Jewish community in which individual Jews can still retain their beliefs while at the same time enjoying mutually respectful relations with Jews who do not share them? In a ground-breaking exchange, Ruth Rosenfelder and Keith Kahn-Harrris reflect on the difficulties in establshing a dialogue with each other ....> View articles

Listening to Jews

Keith Kahn-Harris

Keith Kahn Harris

In an essay review of Les Back's new book The Art of Listening, Keith Kahn-Harris reflects on Jews' difficulties in hearing each other. ....> View article

Where Neo-Conservatism was born

Nathan Abrams


Nathan Abrams, author of Journal of Significant Thought and Opinion: Commentary Magazine 1945-1959, discusses the roots of American neo-conservatism in the pages of the American Jewish journal Commentary. View article...

Natural funerals in the British Jewish community


In recent years, greater concern for the environmental consequences of human practices has lead a small but increasing number of people in the UK to opt for ‘natural burials’. Natural burials generally take place in woodland, either directly into the ground or in a biodegradable coffin. No gravestone is used, but a tree, plant or small plaque may be used to mark the burial site. As part of its efforts to explore neglected issues in the British Jewish community, New Jewish Thought has commissioned a number of pieces, from across the Jewish communal spectrum and beyond, discussing whether it would be possible or desirable to institute natural burials in the UK Jewish community.

....> View article

In Hiding? The Jews of Europe
Nick Lambert
Nick Lambert, author of the forthcoming Europe and the Jews in the Twenty First Century (Vallentine Mitchell), takes a look at the ambivalence that many European Jewish leaders feel towards the European project....> View article

Brief Encounters

Irene Lancaster

As part of our mission to promote new Jewish thought, writing and commentary, here is the text of Dr. Irene Lancaster's recent ‘Thought for the Week for BBC Radio Manchester, by special arrangement. The author of "Deconstructing the Bible, Abraham ibn Ezra's introduction to the Torah", (Routledge 2003) Dr Lancaster FRSA is Research Fellow in the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester and has just been appointed to the Council of Lord Carey’s Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East. ....> View article
The Hermeneutics of Antisemitism
Keith Kahn Harris
You knew where you were with the old anti-Semitism: anti-Semites hated Jews and were not ashamed to say so. They believed Jews were a cancer on the world and sought to either eliminate them or confine them so they would no longer be a ‘threat’. ....> View article
What is the point of interfaith dialogue?
Daniel Jonas
Daniel Jonas
Some weeks ago, observant readers of the press would have noted reports of a conference in Seville entitled “The Second World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace”. The list of attendees was an impressive list of the great and good amongst Jewish and Islamic clergy ....> View article


Dialogue group news

Our first intra-Jewish dialogue group has now completed its run of sessions. Thanks to all who took part, including our friends at this site, and this website, which is a key resource on how to get rid of skin tags A report on the group can be read here.

Watch this space for news on future dialogue groups.

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We're looking for writers, editors and volunteers to contribute to our project. If you would like to get involved, or if you know someone who may be interested, please contact Keith Kahn Harris at [email protected]


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