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Forthcoming events


The Listener's Art - a talk and discussion led by Les Back

8:00 14 February 2008 at the Jewish Community House, North London (e-mail for details)

We live in a culture that speaks rather than listens. The loudest voice dominate the headlines, political debates and popular media. Yet the injunction to speak is socially deafening. Listening should be seen as a craft that needs to be trained and practice. How might an appeal to listen differently to the world help re-think the conduct of politics not just across the boundaries between communities but also within them? These questions will be discussed with reference to the British Jewish community.

Les Back is a sociologist, journalist and musician. He teaches sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London and he is author of The Art of Listening (Berg, 2007)

E-mail for more information


Jewish Dialogue Group

In 2008 we will be running a Jewish-Jewish dialogue group focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are looking for people to join this group. Click here to learn more about this pioneering initiative.




Past events


Limmud 2007

Keith Kahn-Harris, convener of New Jewish Thought, ran two well-attended sessions at the Limmud conference December 2007. Both sessions demonstrated the aims of of New Jewish Thought:

  • Developing Dialogue in the UK Jewish Community featured Clive Lawton and Brian Klug in dialogue with each other. In a scincillating encounter, they discussed their differences over the formation of the controversial organisation Independent Jewish Voices. Whilst both speakers were passionate in expressing their beliefs, their conversation was also marked by mutual respect.
  • The Elephant in the Room: What do British Jews not Talk About featured 6 Jewish communal leaders discussing what they considered to be the key neglected issues in Anglo-Jewry. These included, the status of women leaders, lack of knowledge of Hebrew, the growth of the Haredi population, the limitations of Limmud, Israel's responsibility for anti-semitism and social problems in Israel. At the end of a good-humoured session, the audience voted on their favourite 'elephant' and the 'winner' was social problems in Israel.


Is Europe Good for the Jews?

Thanks to everyone who came to Nick Lambert's discussion on 6th September 2007. Thanks also to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research for allowing us to hold the event at their premises.







Bitter Lemons


Jewish Dialogue Group


Ta Shma








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